Discretionary Managed Account Services
Brief description of business:

E Fund (HK) has extensive qualifications and experience in two-way and cross-border asset management services, provides tailored discretionary managed account services to different types of domestic and foreign investors through comprehensive and in-depth understanding of investors' needs for liquidity and investment returns, as well as risk appetite. As investment manager, we utilize our expertise in professional asset management, research and product design and global multi-asset allocation to provide more tailored and personalized services to our clients.

Discretionary Managed Accounts allow for more flexibility and investment strategies can be adjusted in accordance with investments requirements. The discretionary managed account services managed by E Fund (HK) include mandate for RMB Qualified Foreign Institutional Investors (RQFII) and Qualified Foreign Institutional Investor (QFII), mandate for offshore investment products. At present, we mainly provide the services to sizable Chinese institutional clients, especially financial institutions, China-affiliated corporations with off-shore subsidiaries, as well as high-net-worth individuals. While satisfying regulatory requirements, E Fund (HK) will seize market opportunities and investors’ demand, and utilize regional advantages to actively initiate innovation in investment scope, domicile, investment strategies, product structure and client service, so as to provide clients with quality products and long-term steady returns.

Information disclosure and customized services:

Private Funds

E Fund Management (HK) offers a wide range of private funds with different investment objectives and risk features to capture investment opportunities in stock and bond markets in Greater China Area, emerging markets, Europe and America. Over the past several years, we have developed a risk management system based on the characteristics of our investment portfolios to control risks and ensure the value of the portfolio. E Fund (HK) concentrates on value investing, offering funds with steady and strong performance in the markets since launch. The private fund products issued and managed by E Fund Management (HK) include Cayman Islands registered funds and Luxembourg domiciled SICAV funds.

E Fund Management (HK) is uniquely positioned in the market to leverage its extensive knowledge, research capabilities and investment experience in China to deliver a range of high-value asset management or investment advisory services to institutional clients worldwide. To provide overseas investors with access to China opportunities, E Fund Management (HK) is committed to utilize its local expertise to source quality underlying assets in China, and become the cross-border investment expert for overseas institutions, domestic retail and institutional investors investing in China and global markets.

Alternative investments

Alternative investments serve as an extended strategy to complement existing traditional mutual fund strategies, including private equity investments, cornerstone investments and distressed investments.